Kids outside the U.S. were learning to ride bikes using balance bikes — small bikes 
without pedals that allowed the child to develop their balance
before attempting to ride a bicycle with pedals. 
the founders said, and tried it with their younger son, who was then 2 ½ years old. Their son (who was still in diapers, by the way) took to this concept immediately, and in no time his parents were coasting towards what would become new lives for them - those of entrepreneurs!
At that time, nothing like it existed in the United States, but the founders knew they had to share this incredible concept after seeing how well it worked with their son.
There were days, months, years spent explaining to parents and retailers why a balance bike is beneficial over training wheels. After all people had never heard of a 'balance bike' before.
 What is this little bike without pedals? How does it work? Why should I buy this? 
Over time, this concept has evolved into what is now a 'must-have' product for toddlers, and training wheels are becoming a thing of the past.
Yes, we realize there are other balance bikes on the market but, with our unique award-winning design and commitment to quality, we think you'll find KaZAM to be the right choice!
Thank you for visiting our website — we hope you enjoy learning why KaZAM is the perfect choice
for your little one. After all, There's only one KaZAM!
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