What to Expect

So, your little one is now the proud, excited owner of a KaZAM Bike ~ what happens now you ask? Well, first of all, there is no magic trick to getting your child to learn balance and the goal here is not to see how fast they learn, but rather to instill confidence and independence, develop coordination, and of course balance so that they can eventually progress onto a pedaled bike without all of the usual stress involved for both parent and child. You know that drill!

Here’s how the progress typically unfolds:

  • Mom or Dad makes sure the seat is set at the correct height ~ child should be seated with feet flat on ground, knees slightly bent.
  • Child gets on and sits. Yes, sometimes just sits. Sits and wonders what to do with this new thing mom and dad have given them. This may be the case the first FEW times your child gets on their KaZAM ~ totally normal!
  • They will start to WALK with the bike — slowly at first, perhaps a little unsure of themselves. Again, totally normal. Once they get the hang of it, they will start to walk a little faster. Hmmm… could we be heading in the right direction?
  • Walking faster leads to a gliding motion, and eventually coasting. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t take to using the footrest right away ~ it’s a big deal to pick your feet up off the ground!
  • After they’ve been gliding and coasting for a while, they will naturally pick their feet up and place them onto the footrest. At this point, they are finding their center of gravity ~ this is the position where their feet would be if they were coasting on a pedaled bike. Once they’ve mastered this, they are riding a bike and don’t even know it! Kudos to mom and dad, grandma or grandpa, for buying a KaZAM and making this such a pleasant experience!

*Note: we don’t suggest you ‘instruct’ your child how to use the KaZAM - they will figure it out. We do however suggest you encourage your child to glide by alternating their feet rather than pushing off using both legs at the same time. Using an alternating motion is a gross motor skill that lends itself to balancing.

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